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Dr. Stahle is amazing. Best I’ve felt in YEARS, and I work out frequently and with varying complexities and intensities. I am doing things now that I never would’ve envisioned years ago. I can’t say enough how easy it is to deal with him and the staff. Very professional and accomplished. I feel very secure with Dr. Stahle concerning sports medicine.

Best there is in the business, none even come close to comparison including all associates that work in this office, TOP NOTCH!

Setting an appointment was easy. Everyone, from the intake employee to the x-ray technician to Dr. Stahle were nice and efficient. They’re all clearly proficient at their work. Was able to get a physical therapy referral to go literally across the hall.

Easily the best experience I’ve had at a doctor’s office.

Have been a patient of Dr. Stahle for several years and appreciate all he’s done for me and my family, keeping us healthy. He’s very personable, and his attention to detail is amazing when you speak to him and talk about your health goals. I recommend Dr. Stahle to anyone who’s looking for a great doctor in St. Louis.

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